An opportunity for companies and institutions which, in the course of their activities, encounter important challenges which call for creative solutions, new approaches or unique skillsets – in other words, problems which motivate organizations to seek outside help.

Being open to new ideas and suggestions coming from the outside is beneficial for a number of reasons, not the least of which is exclusive access and the ability to select one of many possible solutions, some of which embody entirely new ways to approach a given problem.

We invite you to submit challenge proposals to be formally announced and presents at LSOS 2018 in the Open CHALLENGE section. In doing so, we apply the following process:

  • A preliminary description of the CHALLENGE should be provided by using the FORM. The official language of the conference is Polish, but camera-ready abstracts should be submitted in both languages (Polish and English).
  • We discuss collaboration rules, including the conditions for participating in the competition as well as legal aspects related to protection of intellectual property and confidentiality (Challenge Program and Partnership Agreement).
  • In the run-up to LSOS2018 we set up an information campaign which mentions the CHALLENGE, listing its topic, responsible Partner and general participation rules.
  • During LSOS2018 the Partner presents the context of the CHALLENGE to potential collaborators.
  • Once LSOS2018 is over, the full description of the CHALLENGE and the associated competition are promoted by Klaster LifeScience Kraków communication channels, including the website, in line with the agreed-upon program.
  • The competition is officially resolved during an event co-organized by the Foundation and the Partner.
  • The Foundation provides assistance in the implementation of the project, including external communications and collection/processing of solution proposals. In doing so, the Foundation acts in accordance with the applicable transparency and legal guidelines.