An offer for companies, institutions and project teams who are planning pre-release demonstrations of innovative products and services, as well as the goals and results of projects co-financed with public and private grants. The DEMO category is also a way to showcase products to selected target groups, to try out new solutions and to attract potential early adopters. A DEMO presentation may be held in conjunction with an open stand in the main conference hall, available throughout the duration of the event.

DEMO presentations and stands are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

  • compliance with the subject of LSOS2018 – technologies and products „for health and quality of life”
  • compliance with the goals of LSOS – the presentation should concern expansion of collaboration or involvement of new partners

Selected abstracts will be qualified for full plenary presentations and/or DEMO stands at LSOS2018, based on the following criteria:

  • novelty: existing product/project/result – debut of a new product/project/result
  • presentation scope: information only – hands-on interactive demo

We invite you to submit abstracts presenting the proposed projects. When submitting abstracts please use this FORM.

Abstracts which quality for presentation at LSOS2018 will be further published at, divided into presentation types and topic categories. Additionally, selected abstracts will be promoted through Google AdWords campaigns.

The official language of the conference is Polish. Camera-ready abstracts should be submitted in both languages (Polish and English).

The deadline for submission of abstract is 15th September 2018 inclusive. Selection of abstracts for presentation at LSOS2018 will be communicated to their authors in due time, not later than on 29th September 2018.

Authors of selected abstracts will be requested to submit full presentations in .ppt or .pptx formats not later than on 6th October 2018.